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How These Sellers Made $50,000 on Fiverr

For many people, Fiverr® is a simple, effective way of making some extra money. The income they make from the site is supplementary and compliments the money they make at a day job. However, there are some Fiverr super sellers who hustle and grind their way to tens of thousands of dollars each year on the site. If you think it can’t be done, take a look at some of the Super Sellers below to see how they make it happen.

Harold Versus Student Loan Debt

Fiverr Super Seller Harold Everton finished graduate school with a mountain of student loan debt that he was sure would take years to pay off. But when he came across Fiverr, he found the perfect way to make some extra money though public speaking, something he was already good at. After spending all day working at a day job, Everton stays up late creating video testimonials for satisfied customers. He also engages with the Fiverr community on various forums and advertises his services on Craigslist to ensure he’s getting the word out about his business. The result: a booming online business and no more student loan debt.

A Full-Time Gig

Not all Gigs® are supplementary. In fact, some can be a full-time job that offers full-time pay. Fiverr-seller Katie was looking for a way out of a full-time job that she didn’t enjoy. She turned to Fiverr as a way to sell her talents as voiceover artist. Now she has over 10,000 completed orders and over $100,000 in earnings.
Her secrets: a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction, promoting her business on social media, and making a personal connection with her customers.
“Fiverr has changed my life,” she writes. “The freedom to work when I want, doing what I want is the best thing about the site.”

Here’s Your Down Payment

In today’s economy, homeownership can seem like a difficult goal to attain. However, we know of one Fiverr seller whose hard work allowed him to come up with the down payment for his house.
Andy, a Top Rated Seller based in Denver, uses the site to promote his voiceover talents. He sees an average of 5 to 10 new orders each morning for a wide variety of projects, from video games to presentations. Andy estimates that 80 percent of his current income comes from Fiverr, which allows him to be the CEO and CFO of his own company instead of working for someone else. Like many other successful sellers, Andy prides himself on overdelivering to his customers, something that results in constant satisfaction.
“For me, Fiverr means freedom,” he writes. “It allows me to be what I’ve always wanted to be, an entrepreneur. Every day I get up and I’m so excited to use my voice to help other people.”

The Launchpad for a Global Business

Top Rated Seller Wayne Austin calls Peak District, England, home. It’s a small town without much going on, but Austin was still able to make big things happen with his design company using Fiverr. He regularly wakes up with 20 to 30 requests waiting for him in his inbox and is able to generate about $3,000 a month using the site.
Austin calls consistency and video the two keys to his success.
Regarding video, he writes, “You can read all the text someone has written for their Gigs, but buyers don’t really want to read. They want to watch a video and really engage with a potential seller. They want to hear you explain the service. When my buyers watch my videos, they understand what I offer, and they get a real sense of who I am as a person.”

Check out this Graphic Design Gig
100% Rating
Level 2 seller
Best Resposive rate
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How This Kid in Greece Makes Full-Time Money on Fiverr Working Only Part-Time

Do you want to start your own business but you don’t have any money to do it?
Would you like to free yourself from a soul stealing job?
Or would you like to have a side income to cover your expenses while in college?
Then, this article has been written for you. Nowadays, it’s possible to earn money from home. There are many ways to do that but I will show you one that works.
And that way is by working as a freelancer on fiverr.
For those of you who don’t know fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed.
Now, $5 might don’t seem much to you but running a business on fiverr can be scaled up in a degree that you can make up to $200 per job or more. There are many people on fiverr earning much more than in ordinary jobs.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Home If You Work On Fiverr & Why It’s Better Than Working a Normal Office Job

Now, before talking about how exactly you can make money on fiverr let’s see how much money you can make.
On fiverr you can make money in 3 ways.
These are: normal jobs also known as gigs, gig extras and custom offers.
While each gig costs only $5 this can be easily scaled up with gig extras.
For instance, if someone offers a logo creation service you might pay $5 for a normal logo. But if you want things like higher quality image, extra fast delivery or other deals you can pay for these with gig extras. The price range for gig extras is from $5 to $50 and you can buy multiple gig extras.
For example someone could buy a logo for $5 and pay $20 for express delivery and another 30$ for buying the full commercial rights. That’s $55 for the seller. If you have only 2 orders like this one per day you make $110.
Now fiverr has a 20% commission so from these $110 you get $88.
$88 x 30 days = $2618 per month!
Of course, this is just an example to show how you can earn money from fiverr. In reality you can make less or more. For instance check out this seller.
Right now that I am writing this article he has 220 open orders that should be delivered in the next 2 days.
That’s $880 for him in 2 days without counting that many of his orders have gig extras! Even if all his orders are of $5 he is still making $13,000 per month. And that’s only from 1 gig. He is obviously making more money from his other gigs and his gig extras.
This is to show you the earning potential of fiverr.
Will you make that much? That’s up to you.
It depends on many factors but most importantly on your existing skills. If you can offer a valuable service like graphic design, writing or translating you could offer your service on fiverr and earn money from home.
But how is working on fiverr better than a normal job? You can do these thing in real life as well. You don’t need to work from home.
I would say that the biggest benefit is the freedom to work when you want. You don’t have a boss to listen to. If you don’t want to work today you can go to the beach and drink mojitos under the sun. You could never do that if you have a boss.
Also, the amount of money you make is directly related to your skills, knowledge and effort. The more you know and the more you work the more money you can earn.
On the other hand, you wouldn’t be able to persuade your boss to double your salary if you were working at a regular job.

Now, I know that there are countless people online who advertise different formulas of making money online. There are many scammers that want to sell you programs that don’t work hoping that they will make money from you.
To show you that I am not one of these people I feel that I must show you proof about my statements. I need to show you proof that I really follow the methods I will explain in this article. That I really make money on fiverr.
Here are my earnings from the past 1 month and 5 days. It’s $1828 – real hard cash. I know it’s not a fortune; it’s actually peanuts in front of what other sellers on fiverr make.
But if I were able to make that money without any specific and ultra developed skill then I am confident to say that you could do it as well. And if you are extremely talented or creative you could make even more than I make.
But even if you only made about $1000 per month – which is certainly possible – you could cover a lot of your expenses. If you live like a Spartan, you wouldn’t need more than $1000 bucks to live decently.
That money ($1000-2000) can be made on fiverr working only 1-4 hours per day. Could you imagine having the rest 20-22 hours to spend however you want?
You could use that money to pay your student loans, to pay your college expenses or to fund a side business.
For me that money is pretty enough to fully live by. I live in Greece. The basic salary here is $800 for 9-11 hours of work. And that’s what about of 90% of people make.
It’s obviously better to work on fiverr for more money and less time. Of course, in other countries, these $1500 that I make are not too much. But if you hate your job or want money to start your business they are a god sent gift.
Now, before getting into the nitty-gritty details on how you can earn money from home using fiver, let’s explain something extremely important.
If you want to make money online from fiverr you must live by this principle.
But it’s not limited on fiverr, it can be applied to everything you do. So read carefully and never forget this one:

Treat Your Fiverr Business Like You Would Treat a Regular Business

Working on Fiverr is Not a Hobby, It’s a Business

I can’t really stress the importance of this statement. If you want to make earn money online from fiverr you have to treat your fiverr business like you would be treating a big corporation.
What does this mean?
Two things:
1.That you should act like a professional.
2.That you should care about your brand.
If you were the CEO of Microsoft, will you be acting like you were playing Monopoly?
Would you be rude to customers? Would you treat it like a hobby?
If you treat it like a hobby you won’t make money.
Do you want to earn money from home? Then you have to be serious about it.
But now let’s get into the practical part.
I won’t spend time to explain you the fiverr interface, how to set up you account or other things like that. You can find them easily online or figure it out on your own with a little experimentation.
The rest of this article is meant to be practical and contain methods that you can start using right now to earn money from home using fiverr.
Here is†how you can use fiverr to create a money-making machine:

Focus On Gigs That Don’t Need Much Time

That’s a no-brainer. Spending one hour for $5 – basically $4 after fiverr’s cut is not the best use of your time. Your goal should be to spend the least amount of time and make the maximum amount of money.
How is that possible?
You should sell gigs that don’t take more than 20 minutes to complete. The shorter they take; the better.
Ideally, if you could spend only 5 minutes on a gig and get $5 it would be great. That’s because one hour of work would give you $60. That’s a great hourly rate.
However, if you take into account factors like reading and responding to messages, organizing your account and other minor things you would spend more than 5 minutes on a gig.
Even if you could have it ready in just 5 minutes there would be an extra 2-3 minutes per order (or more) that would be wasted on other things.
Because there is no need to make this complicated, just have in your mind that you should try to sell gigs that don’t require much time.
If they take much time, you should get paid more. Otherwise they are not worth it. You don’t want to sell your time and soul to fiverr. You want to make money but without sacrificing your time.
I could definitely make more than $3000 per month but this would consume a lot of my time. I prefer making less money and having more time to spend on myself or on other businesses that will bring more money in the long-term. And that’s what you should do as well.

What You Can Sell On Fiverr: Start By Focusing On What You Already Know

Making money from home working as a freelancer depends a bit on your existing skills.
Do you know something valuable that you could sell on fiverr?
Some gigs that have a lot of demand are:
Graphic Design: Photoshop work, turning people to cartoons, creating caricatures, logo design, e-cover creation, t-shirt designs, infographics etc.
Online Marketing: Do you know how to build backlinks? Do you have any search engine optimization knowledge? Do you know about social media marketing?
Writing: Can you write articles? Can you write sales copy? Can you translate from one language to another?
These are some standard areas that you could get into. If you know anything from the above you could make good money instantly.
Generally speaking, you can sell whatever you know provided it’s valuable.
What you will sell depends on your skills.
Take a paper and write down your skills, write down everything you know that could be valuable to people. Then go to fiverr and check if you can sell any of these skills.

How To Earn Money From Fiverr Even If You Have No Skills

Even if you don’t have any previous life experience there are certain services that you could sell easily. Services that are high in demand but don’t require any particular skill.
Which are these services?
  1. Video Testimonials
They only thing you need to sell this service is to have the confidence to sit in front of a camera and speak English fluently. It’s a very easy gig that can even lead you to become a top rated seller.
Many of Fiverr’s top rated sellers have started by selling video testimonials and if you search for video testimonials on fiverr you will see that many of those who sell them are top rated sellers.
If you have a pleasant personality, if you can smile and look happy in front of a camera or if you can play the serious business man-type you can certainly do video testimonials and make good money from them.
You don’t have to look like a model, but the more good-looking you are the better it is.
Don’t worry about the camera in the beginning. Just focus on your presence. Look like a winner, happy, unique and people will pay you for being yourself. But I recommend buying a professional HD camera after a while.
  1. Reddit Link Karma
Ok this one is actually very easy – even a baby could do it. Yet, you can make pretty good cash.
For those who don’t know what reddit is: reddit is a social network which is divided in many subreddits. Each subreddit has a specific topic (Cars, fitness, motivation) and its own moderators.
Check out this post if you don’t know how reddit works at all. It’s important to read it so you can understand what you are doing and how this helps your buyers.
Now, for this gig you will be selling accounts that have link karma.
The more link karma an account has, the more authoritative it is considered. Many people want to take advantage of reddit’s traffic but they can’t do it with an account that doesn’t have link karma.
Because redditors are very savvy and know when you go use reddit†only to promote your website. The result is that you get downvoted and no one reads your site. On the other hand, if you have link karma it looks like you are an active part of the community and you are more likely to get your posts accepted.
That’s why many people are searching for accounts that have link karma. So they can promote their links†on reddit and drive traffic to their websites.
Here is how you can get link karma easily:
There are 3 subreddits where you can get link karma fast and without any effort. These are:
1: Celebs
2: Gentlemanboners
3: Aww
The first is about sexy celebrities, the second is about sexy celebrities dressed in formal clothes and the third is about cute animals. You can’t imagine how much people on reddit love these things!
And here is what you do:
You head over to Then you use the search filter to search either for a sexy celebrity you know or for something cute like a cat or puppy.
Let’s say we want to post in /r/Celebs.
Find a picture of a celebrity you know and then right click on the image and copy image url.
Then go to the celebs subreddit -> hit the ìsubmit linkî button -> paste the url in the right field and write the name of the celebrity in the title field.
Do that a few times during the day and let the link karma flow.
Reddit only allows you to post once every 10 minutes if you have a new account. After 4-5 posts you will be allowed to post more often: like 3 times per 10 minute. At this point you can post at the 3 subreddits above simultaneously.
  1. Social Media Services.
You can easily sell social media services like Facebook likes, twitter tweets, retweets and favorites on fiverr. These gigs are extremely high in demand since everyone is looking to expand his profile and look popular.
Obviously you can’t sell real active followers but you will be able to give real-looking followers and likes.
There is a website called In this site you can like other people’s fanpages, follow people on twitter, instagram or pinterest and in exchange you get some virtual points. You can use these points to drive engagement to your own pages. Or to the pages of the people who buy your gig on fiverr.
However, if you do this manually it would take up a lot of your time.
Fortunately, you can automate the process using a Mozilla Firefox add-on called iMacros. iMacros is a very useful add-on that can do repetitive tasks for you and save you tons of time.
Install it on your Firefox and then search Google for addmefast script for imacros. Find a script, follow the instructions and you will be able to gather a lot of virtual points in addmefast that you could use to drive likes, followers and other social signals to your buyers social media.
I would recommend not using your real social accounts with addmefast because you will follow lots of inactive profiles and you don’t want your real profile to look spammy.
But if addmefast is spammy, why will people buy from me?
I am glad you asked.
Most people don’t care if the accounts that follow them aren’t used by active people. They just want to feed their ego and look popular.
Nobody on fiverr or anywhere can sell real-active followers. The best you can do is sell real-looking social signals.
For instance if a friend of yours has 10.000 followers on instagram do you think that someone else will check his followers one by one to look if they are real or fakes?
Of course not, 99% of people are looking at the overall number.
If the overall number is high the account looks popular and the owner feels the same way.
That’s why selling this type of gig can make crazy money! There are tons of people out there who want to validate themselves and feel popular because†of their follower or like†numbers.
  1. Convert Files To Other Formats
There are many free converters online that you could use to convert different kind of files.
You can convert word doc files to epub, mobi or other kind of formats. You could also convert video files. For instance: AVI to mp3 or a YouTube video to mp3.
Many people donít even know that there are websites that let you do this for free. Then they go to fiverr and pay you to do it.
Here is a great free converter I have found: Free Converter. But if you do a quick search in Google you will find dozens more. Pick one that fits your needs.
  1. Create a Slogan For a Company Or Website
If you are a little creative you can brainstorm some crazy slogan ideas for businesses or websites. In case you are not creative you can use these two free slogan generators:
  1. SloganGenerator.Org
  2. SloganGenerator.Co
Insert your client’s keyword in these generators, find 1-2 good slogans and boom! You have just earned $5 for less than 5 minutes of work.
  1. Spell A Name Or Logo In Rice Alphabet Soup
Does this sound foolish to you?
Actually, I have seen top rated sellers offering these gigs and making tons of money.
One seller I have found selling this service had more than 150 active orders and 1000+ positive reviews. Many people or business owners look for unique ways to advertise their business and that’s why this gig is high in demand.
Generally, everything that is creative or unique has the possibility to sell on fiverr. One guy is a top rated seller and the only thing he does is filming videos of him wearing different kind of costumes. He is dressed like a pirate or a Samurai and makes a video with your message.
You donít have to do this to make money. But if you have a creative idea or if you can do something unique, there are many people that would pay for it.
Regarding the soup gig: you only have to buy some rice with alphabet letters from the super market and take a photo of it in a soup.

How To Earn Money From Home By Reading These 2 Free Books

The knowledge in books is unlimited. The only thing you need is to read a book or two on a subject and then you will have more knowledge than the average Joe.
You can go and sell this knowledge on fiverr. You donít need any particular skills. You only have to be willing to spend an hour or two reading a book. And you can make money from it.
Here is an example on how to do it:
Kindle Formatting
If you have ever tried to publish a book on Amazon kindle you would have noticed how annoying formatting is.† There are thousands of self-published authors on Amazon that donít know how to properly format their books. And they are willing to pay you hard cash for doing it.
All you have to do is to read the following two books: Building your Book For Kindle and Formatting Of Kindle Books: A Brief Tutorial.
There are more resources available online and if these books are not enough you can easily find more information with a quick Google search.
Or you can spend 5$ and read this book as well. I donít think this is necessary because†the first two will give you enough knowledge. But if you donít feel confident with your formatting skills you can always read some more.
After you have read these books you need to apply your knowledge before selling it on fiverr. Go to Amazon and download their Kindle Previewer.
Then take a book you have bought or download a free e-book from somewhere online and copy paste the content in a word document. Follow all the steps you have learned and try to format it properly.
I would recommend using a short book (about 20 pages). Then use the Kindle Previewer to check if it looks correctly. After you are confident enough with your formatting skills go to fiverr and start selling your knowledge.
2 More Gigs You Can Sell Without Any Skills ñ But With a Small Monthly Investment (less than 50$)
Which are these gigs?
  1. Spinning Articles With WordAi
WordAi is the only article spinner I have found that spins articles which look like they are written by human. Most article spinners are just changing some synonyms and the final result isnít readable at all. It costs $49.95 per month but you can quickly make that money back.
How can you use WordAi to earn money from home using fiverr:
There are tons of people who are looking for cheap content for their websites. †If you try to write articles on your own you will spend a lot of time on each one. Most articles need some research so even if you are a fast writer they will definitely consume a lot of precious time.
As I told you above your goals should be to minimize the time spent on fiverr while maximizing the money you make. WordAi lets you do that.
You just go to an article directory like EzineArticles and find an article on a given topic. Then you use WordAi to change the article and make it unique. This will take 1-2 minutes. After that you should read the article to make sure it makes sense. If itís necessary you might need to change some things to make it more readable.
But this will definitely take less time than writing an article from scratch. When you have your content ready you should use a plagiarism checker to make sure that Google doesnít consider the article as duplicate content.
Here are two free plagiarism checkers that you could use: 1 and 2. Alternatively you can use copyscape, which is paid but still very affordable ($0.05 per search).
  1. Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations
Videoscribe is a paid tool that costs $20 per month and lets you create whiteboard animation videos. These are extremely high in demand on fiverr as more and more small businesses use them to advertise their services.
According to Adelie Studios 74% of all internet traffic by 2017 will be from videos and this proves why this type of gig sells so well!
How to use Videoscribe to earn money from home using fiverr:
If you think that creating whiteboard animations is difficult then you will be surprised when you actually see how easy it is. You donít need any previous experience in graphic design or video editing.
Sparkol Videscribe has 3-4 tutorials that explain you how the software works. After you watch them you will be able to create pretty good animations and sell them on fiverr.

How To Find The Right Category, Title & Tags For Your Gig

One of the most important aspects of selling on fiverr is optimizing your gigs to be easily found in searches. If you donít use the right categories, title and tags then no one will find your gig.
Now that you know what you can sell on fiverr letís see how you can set up your gig correctly:
There are several methods to choose the right category but I will give you the simplest one. It depends on what you want to sell so let’s say you want to sell article writing services.
Then you search for your keyword in the search bar and press enter. Afterwards, you have to check the left sidebar and see which sub-category is the most used one.
For this example it’s Articles & Blog Posts. As you see many people put their gigs in the ìcreative writingî sub-category. But that’s wrong as more buyers will look for their desired service in the subcategory that pop-ups first:
Title & Tags:
For your gig title you should better use a short one that is descriptive and indicates the value of your service. Fiverr allows you to use a maximum of 80 characters but gives you a warning when you use more than 60 characters.
However the shorter the title is, the better it converts. Generally a length about 50 characters is great:
Also fiverr allows you to capitalize one word and you MUST take advantage of that as it makes your gig stand out.
When it comes to choosing the right tags the only thing you have to do is to see what other popular gigs are using. Search for your desired keyword and look what tags the top 3 sellers use. Then pick some of these tags for your own gig.

How To Automate Deliveries And Minimize Time Spent On Fiverr

As I told you before, one of the most important things you must do on fiverr to be successful is to minimize the time you spend and maximize your profits.
You canít imagine how time-consuming some tasks can be.
For instance: if you try to reply to each message you get and write what you did for each order you delivered you will lose tons of time.
There is a very useful plug-in that can minimize the time you spent and make your interactions on fiverr a little more automated and faster.
It’s called EverCopy. What it does is that it allows you to copy and paste quick notes easily from your browser.
EverCopy is very practical and it will save you a lot of time from the following tasks:
1.Delivering Orders
2.Reviewing Orders
3.Reminding Buyers To Review Your Gig
You only have to write one generic message once for each of these cases and save it with EverCopy. From that point the only thing you have to do is to click copy and paste which takes less than 2 seconds.

Three Things You Must Do If You Want To Succeed On Fiverr

1. Always Have a Video For Your Gigs
This one is extremely important! Fiverr tells you that gigs with videos sell 220% more.
Don’t ignore them!
Even a short – 30 second video could help your video rank better and get more sales. Fiverr is not explaining how exactly having a video helps but itís probably a part of their algorithm.
What type of videos you can use:
  1. Make a video filming yourself talking to the camera
  2. If you canít make a video on your own I would recommend using a free video editing software to make a video with some slides explaining what you do.
  3. You can pay $5 on fiverr and tell someone to create an animation video for you.
  4. If you are just camera shy you can record your screen with a screen recording software. Just speak and record your voice explaining what your service is about. You could also show a graph or an image relative to the service you offer.
2. Always Overdeliver Until You Get The Ball Rolling
Every beginning is hard. The same happens with fiverr. When you are a new seller you will have to give more than your competition does if you want to start making money.
For instance let’s say you are selling ìreddit link karma.
If you see that your competition is selling 500 link karma for $5 with expected delivery in 7 days you must offer 800 link karma and expected delivery in 5 days. That’s how buyers have an incentive to buy from you.
Otherwise they will choose him because he will be already established and has some reviews. Buyers prefer Level 1-2 Sellers or Top Rated Sellers because they are already trusted.
If you want to have a chance of making money you have to give more than your competition(in the beginning). When you become a Level 1 or Level 2 Seller you will be able to give less or charge more for what you are selling.
3. Understand That If You Want To Be Successful You Must Offer Exceptional Customer Service
When you interact with buyers you must always be polite and make them feel appreciated.
Use words like ìplease, you are welcome, thanks in advance, wish you have a great dayî in your messages.
It doesnít take much time but it gives the BEST return on investment. Make your customers feel like they are special and they will highly reward you for your kindness.

How To Always Get 5 Star Feedback & Make Your Way To Top Rated Seller

If you want to become a top rated seller you must have 4.7-5 positive rating.
However top rated sellers are manually picked by fiverr and just having high feedback doesnít guarantee that you will be picked. But if you want to stand a chance you MUST have more than 4.7 positive rating.
I donít have any negative feedback at all. All my reviews are positive (4.9 average positive feedback) and I have maintained a 99% positive feedback.
If you achieve that you have done your part and you are increasing your odds of being picked by fiverr. It’s not difficult to do this and here is how:
Always Be Offering Refunds:
If a buyer is not satisfied, don’t jeopardize your rating for $5.
Give him his money back even if you have done the work and he won’t leave you a negative review. That’s why it’s important to not spend much time for your orders. The more you spend the more disappointed you will feel if you give a refund.
Never Be Afraid To Cancel Orders:
If you see that a buyer asks too much, needs a lot of modifications or looks like a troublemaker cancel the order immediately and give him his money back.
If you cancel the order he can’t leave you negative feedback. He will get his money back and both of you will be happy.
Some people on fiverr expect too much for $5. Donít spend your precious time to give them the entire world. If you need to cancel then cancel.
Don’t sell your soul for $5. And don’t sell your soul for $50.
I cancel more than 20 orders each month and many of them were large ones ($40+). Yes I might have lost an extra $500 or more but so what?
I didnít lose 2 most important things: My time and my positive rating.
Be Extremely Polite & Genuinely Help Your Buyers
Always tell them that you are interested for their satisfaction and that you wonít be happy until they are.
This encourages them to leave you a positive review or at least it prevents them from leaving a negative one. Or cancelling the order.

How To Persuade Buyers To Change Any Negative Feedback And Maintain High Rating

There will be many times that someone will leave you a negative review. For me it has happened 5 times but I was able to remove it. If you see that someone leaves you a review under 3 stars, then contact him immediately and ask him why he wasn’t satisfied.
Then offer him to modify the work. If he doesn’t agree or if he asks too much just tell him to give him a full refund.
Again you have to show your buyer that your number one priority is his satisfaction.
99% of people are not dicks and will appreciate a full refund. In return they will remove the negative feedback. If someone is a dick and doesnít agree for anything you offer then just move on.


Here it comes to an end guys. If you have read the entire article I highly appreciate it and hope you will start making some cash now. Whatever question you have, feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to help you!
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Text Portrait Effect in Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re going to create a cool portrait effect using a long passage of text that bends and deforms around the contours of the face. Known as a Calligram, this effect is particularly powerful when used to present famous quotes or speeches by depicting the author/speaker with the actual words. Photoshop’s Displace filter is the key ingredient in this recipe which allows us to accurately wrap the text around the subject.

In my example, I’m combing a stock photo with a transcript of the speech from the movie The American President (1995) to create a totally fictional presidential address, but this calligram effect would be a great style for a series of famous speeches from the real American presidents of the past.

Begin with your chosen image in Photoshop. I’m using this stock portrait of a senior man from Shutterstock. Crop your image to fit into your final poster dimensions.

Add a Black and White Adjustment Layer and add more contrast to the image by darkening the Red channel. Unlike a normal Levels or Brightness/Contrast adjustment, altering the Red channel only produces some lovely tones.

Select the image layer then add a Gaussian Blur from the Filter menu. Enter around 20px for the radius. This blurring will help soften the displacement effect.

Go to File > Save As and save this document as displace.psd, then use the Step Backward shortcut of CMD+Alt+Z to undo the blurring effect.

Select the Type tool and draw a container across the entire document. Paste in your chosen quote/speech and delete any line breaks to leave a continuous wall of text. Turn off the Hyphenate option and select a Justified paragraph layout.

If the text doesn’t completely fill the image simply copy and paste the contents to fill out the required space. Select a font for your design, I’m using Montserrat Bold in uppercase. Reduce the text size and leading so the text densely covers the portrait.

With the text layer selected, go to Filter > Distort > Displace. Agree to Rasterize the type, then enter 10 in the Horizontal and Vertical scale options. After clicking OK, navigate to the displace.psd file we saved earlier.

CMD+Click the thumbnail of the displaced text layer to load its selection, then turn off the layer visibility. Go to Edit > Copy Merged (or CMD+Shift+C) to take a clipping of the face using the outline of the words.

Create a new document, which Photoshop will automatically size to the dimensions of your text clipping. Paste in the artwork, then fill the background with black to see the original portrait constructed out of tiny words that warp around the facial contours.
Text portrait effect
Thanks to the displacement effect, the portrait image is still clearly visible despite being made from a wall of text. From a distance it looks like a simple pattern overlay, but up close it becomes intriguing to read the tiny words that construct the image
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30 Worst Photoshop Mistakes World

The following pictures are selection of photoshop mistakes from magazines and advertisements that were in print and pretty pleased readers.

This August Vogue amputation of Claire Danes’ right leg.

An advert for Azoogle Ads – check out the shadow

This BlackMilk model with uniquely chiseled thighs.

Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” cover. Look more closely at her torso: That cleavage was definitely airbrushed around in circles.


This creepy ad AHHHHH.


This horrendous cut-and-paste Photoshop of The Voice crew. Don’t see it? Adam Levine seems to have brought the red carpet with him from another photo…

eBay The Secret To Smooth skin

eBay: The Secret To Smooth. Too much airbrushing has reduced this model to an anatomical mutant with no belly button.  Awkward!


This ESPN photo at Sochi Olympic Park that *totally* happened.


This demon fan you can buy on Amazon.

German hardware ad

This person with, er, mismatched feet in a German hardware ad.


This H&M model who has a serious case of Angelina Jolie leg.


A gravity-defying handbag on a US shopping website

Huggies baby

This Huggies baby who’s grown a flesh tentacle.


This inflatable party furniture that was definitely not photoshopped onto a stock photo of a backyard.

J.Crew featuring a child

This J.Crew featuring a child with AN INVISIBLE ARM.

Kerry is a flawless human being and one of the most gorgeous women on Earth. This cover does NOT represent that.


Somehow they slimmed this girl’s waist to a ludicrous degree.

Miranda Kerr’s neck

This butchering of Miranda Kerr’s neck on the cover of Marie Claire Australia.

Miyagi Prefecture Extra Hand

That extra hand must come in useful when cheating on exams.

movie poster for The Heat

The movie poster for The Heat, which seems to have been done on MS Paint.

New Zealand’s Creme magazine

This cringe-y pair of shorts on New Zealand’s Creme magazine.

pair of Gap shorts

This pair of Gap shorts that comes with a…knee growth?

Patrick Demarchelier Hip's Out of Joint

This looks like the model is holding someone else’s leg.  Hips are not supposed to be detachable, last time we checked.

Pixar Cars Hands Where We Can See Them

This box for an inflatable kiddie pool drew a lot of attention last Spring when astute shoppers noticed the inappropriate way the mom’s hand sort of disappeared into her son’s crotchal region.  Oops!

scary selfie lady in this ad

The scary selfie lady in this ad for Westfield Malls in Australia.

South Korea newswire image of President Park Geun-hye
This South Korea newswire image of President Park Geun-hye “shaking hands” with President Obama “at the White House.”

Tenerife Big Thumb

Somehow this girl’s thumb got stretched out to about six inches long. On the bright side, she’s awesome at hitchhiking!

Victoria’s Secret

This case of the contorted shoulder from Victoria’s Secret.
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How To Get Your First Order On Fiverr

 You probably have noticed that Fiverr is now loaded with hundreds of sellers, so it is quite tricky for new sellers to get their first order on fiverr. However, if you’re struggling to get orders to crank up your business, next few paragraphs will show you the ways you can make more sales on fiverr. So let’s go ahead and keep reading.

Choose a Nice Gig Picture

First of all, make sure you are using an eye catching photo for your gig. Well, you know that usually buyers search for a gig at a turbo speed. Do you know what makes them stop? A nice photo. When a buyer comes across an eye-catching photo they just take a break and see what’s going on there. So, use an eye-ball catching photo for your gig. Only a photo can bring you enough orders.

Where do you get one?

Ask Google for a photo, and then download it. Well, job is not finish here. Now go to the playstore and download a photo editor app. Then edit the photo and make it more gorgeous.

Google Keyword research

Time to mess with SEO stuff. Just use Google keyword finder and make use of them in your title. In addition, you can check out some top rated sellers gigs to know which keywords made the wonder for their business.

Gig Description

Description is one among the most important things to crank up your fiverr business. Invest your hours to write a best description that converts visitors into clients.
How to write a best one? Check out the following suggestions.

1. Find out a top rated seller and a level 1 seller.
2. Spend your minutes to find out the differences between their gigs.
3. Here is the key. Find out what mistakes they have made and take full advantages of their mistakes. Remember, Do Not Copy And Paste.
4. Finally, make use of some promising lines at the bottom of your gig description. You will surely be surprised at the result of using promising lines. 

However, you can also check out my gig to find out what mistakes I’ve made. PLEASE let me know if you find any mistakes in my gig’s description.
So now you know it, how to get first order on fiverr. Remember starting fiverr business is always an uphill task. So never say never, just keep calm and go on.

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