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Input/Output Devices.

Input/Output devices can be defined as "Input and output devices enable computer to interact with the external world". we can enter data and instructions into the computer with the help of input devices and as a result computer after processing sends the results to the output devices. There are a number of different types of input/output devices are available.

Input Devices.
The devices used to enter data into the computer are called input devices. The most commonly used input devices are given below.
Ø      keyboard
Ø      Mouse
Ø      Microphone
The diagrame shown below tells us the different categories of input devices.

A keyboard is standard input device used to send instructional data into computer. They keyboard is just like the typewriter machine. The modern keyboard contains some extra command keys and functions keys.
The keys on computer keyboards are classified as follows

Alphanumeric keys
            These keys are used to enter alphabets, numbers and other special characters into computer. Alphabet keys consists of  A to Z keys containing upper & lower case letters.  Numeric keys consists of number keys. These keys starts from 0 to 9.
Numeric keys
Numeric Keys are used to input numbers into the computer. It also contains keys for mathematical operations i.e. addition, multiply, divide etc.

Function Keys
These keys are used to perform different functions depending upon the application. These keys provide shortcuts for doing routine tasks on a computer. these keys are marked from F1 to F12. Usually these functions keys are used with CTRL key, ALT key and SHIFT Key. The combination of these keys results in large number of keyboard shortcuts.

Cursor control keys
Cursor is used to present the position for the keyboard's input command. These are four keys which are used to move cursor left, right, up and down position. Movement of these keys don't fact any character on the screen.

Enter Key:
This key is used to enter commands or to move cursor to the starting point of the next line of a paragraph.

Esc Key:
(Esc mean Escape)... This key is used to close some windows applications.

Delete Key:
This key deletes the character at the current cursor position. It can be used also to delete selected area or object.

Caps Lock Key:
This key changes all alphabetic characters to be uppercase.

End keys:    
This key moves the cursor to the end of the line, page or file depending where the cursor is located on the page and on which programe is running.

Ctrl Key
(Ctrl for Control) This key is used in combination with other keys to produce special characters.

Alt Key
(Alt for Alternate). This key is used in combination with other key to produce special characters.

Tab Key..
This key enables the cursor to jump a number of spaces to the right on the screen.

Backspace key:
This key is used to delete the character present at the left of the cursor.

Page up & Page Down.
Often this is abbreviated as “pgup and pgdn”. This is usually used to move the cursor up or down certain fixed number of lines.

This key Moves the cursor to the left starting corner of the line or the beginning of page or file depending where the cursor is and on which programe is running.

Space bar.
Every time when you press space, it moves the cursor one space to the right. 

A mouse is an input device that rolls around on a flat surface and controls the pointer on a display screen. The pointer is an on-screen object. Usually an arrow, that is used to select text, access menus, and interact with programes. A typical mouse has tow buttons. Some mouse also contains a scroll wheel which are useful for scrolling through long documents. New mouse is called optical mouse. this type of mouse is getting popular now a days instead of roller ball.  To control the movement of pointer on screen it uses light reflection. .

Joystick is an input device used for games. It is like a lever that moves in all directions and controls the movement of a pointer. To stop the pointer we must have to return the joystick to its neutral position.
Scanner is also a input device. We can save any image in picture format in our computer. Optical character Recognition software is necessary to read this image and convert it to actual text data and this software varies widely in its ability to do so.
Microphone is an input device. It is used to record audio data. It can be plugged into a computer or recorder.


Some time you install fresh Operating system in your computer and then you install Browser, google chrome. After installation you try to open gmail, yahoo, or facebook in google chrome but you do not see your required page and see a message “Server Security Certificate is not yet valid”.  Then you also try to open the page by clicking on “continue anyway” but the result is same.

Infect this problem occurs due to incorrect date and time of your computer. By synchronizing your system clock you can solve this problem.
I will tell you the best solution of this problem. Just follow these steps and after completion you will be able to login to facebook, yahoo, gmail etc.

Click on Start Menu and then control penal. 

Open Date/Time setting 

Adjust correct date and time according to your region. 

 Open "Internet Time Zone" tab.  

 Click on "Update Now" button. After clicking on button, It will start synchronzing your internet server timing. 

After 7-8 seconds you will see a message, "The time has been successfully synchronized with on 07-07-2013 at 5:09PM. 

    Now try to open facebook, yahoo or gmail in google chrome again. Surely you will login successfully.

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Make your Eyes Sharpen In photoshop Tutorial

Eye Sharpening – Photoshop Tutorial


eye sharpening Photoshop tutorial before and after image

With this tutorial you can create amazing, bright eyes within minutes.

amazing bright eyes how to tutorial

First retouch, adjust levels and do all necessary colour corrections on your image.

amazing bright eyes how to tutorial

With a Lasso Tool  (L) select the eyes (hold Shift key to add to selection). Hit Ctrl+J to copy selection to a new layer. You can copy the whole layer instead of selecting eyes but applying the filter to the large area like this may take a while on slower computers.

amazing bright eyes how to tutorial

Use Smart Sharpen filter on the eyes, the choice of right settings will depend on the size of your file.

eye sharpening Photoshop tutorial

Add a layer mask to the sharpened layer, then using a white soft brush on 50% bring back paint only iris’ and pupils to expose the sharpened eyes. Reduce opacity of the layer if it is obviously too sharp.

amazing bright eyes how to tutorial

Using levels brighten the whole picture and then copy mask from previous layer to select only eyes by holding Alt while dragging the sharpened mask (“layer 1″ in the pic) onto the “levels 2″ layer.

eye sharpening Photoshop tutorial

With a Colour Balance set desired eye colour, keep “Preserve Luminosity” ticked, again use copy of previously created mask to select eyes only.

eye sharpening Photoshop tutorial

Reduce opacity of the colour layer to make the eyes look more natural. Optionally go back to the other masked layers to find the best balance playing with opacity.

eye sharpening Photoshop tutorial

And voilà, the image is ready.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial for beginners

Adobe Photoshop needs no introduction. It is among the most powerful and preferred photo editing software available for Windows. As time goes by Adobe keep adding new and useful tools for those Photoshop enthusiast and hence Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 came into existence. In this post, we will have a look at Adobe Photoshop CC 2014  new features and getting started tutorial for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 new features

Photoshop CC 2014 has new features like 3D printing, 3D imaging, Linked Smart Object improvements, Smart Guides, layers comps in Smart Objects, Blur Gallery motion effects, selection of image areas in focus, content-aware feature with color blending, enhancements to Photoshop Generator, font sync feature from Typkit etc.
If you are new to Photoshop, looking to try your hands on Photoshop then this tutorial is for you, keep reading further to learn how to begin with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Catch us after the jump !
Photoshop CC2014 600x508 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial for beginners
Before you begin using Photoshop CC 2014, you have to either purchase the product or have to sign up for the trial version which last for 30 days and also check the basic system requirements for the product to install.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 system requirements

Intel Pentium 4 or AMD 64 bit processor, Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, 2GB of RAM (8GB recommended), at least 2 GB of hard disk space, display monitor which supports 1024×768 display (1280×800 recommended) and a decent internet connection to download and install the application.

How to Install Adobe Photoshop CC 2014

  • If you have purchased the product already or signed up for the trial, then go to this link to download the Creative Cloud installer. To download or update any Adobe Creative Cloud product a user must have to download the installer then only it will show you an option to install Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. We have already talked about Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Install the Adobe Creative Cloud installer, sign in with your Adobe ID and select Photoshop CC 2014 to install.
  • Based on your internet connection speed, Photoshop CC 2014 setup file will be downloaded and installed.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 beginners tutorial

Create a New Photoshop File

Launch the Photoshop application, then go to File ->New -> Give a name to the file, select width and height and hit OK. The width and height of the file can also be changed by going to Image ->Image size option.
New File Photoshop 600x324 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial for beginners
Now, to create objects or a diagram in Photoshop, use the Tools panel, which appears on the left hand side. It is used to create different artwork such as text boxes, rectangular box. The layers, color, paragraph, swatches, brush panels usually appears in the right side of the Photoshop application.

Enable hidden panels in Photoshop CC 2014

By default Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 loads up with all panels and tools option. But in case you do not see any options like Tools, Layers, Stroke, Colour, Swatches or Brush panel options, then simply navigate to windows menu and select the respective option that you are looking for and it will be there on the screen.
hidden panel photoshop 600x324 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial for beginners
Those panels can be moved or customized according to user requirement and can be also saved as a Workspace. Workspace are component which stores user-defined presets.

How to print a Photoshop File

To print a Photoshop file, we usually prefer a decent color printer as we create high quality Photoshop files which requires a decent printer to print. To print a file, go to File menu -> Print-> Select printer -> Customize the color profile settings on your printer, so that you will get desired output and hit the Print button.
print photoshop 600x324 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial for beginners
Among all Adobe programs, Photoshop is one the best and widely used application in the world. It is widely used by teenagers to a Photoshop geek – although getting used to it, does take a little time.
As we had mentioned earlier, we normally do not talk about shareware, preferring to talk about free software instead. While there are several free photo editing software, none come close to Adobe Photoshop. Hence we decide to cover a beginners tutorial

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How to earn first 100$ on Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a market place for services staring with a base price of 5$. Although services offered start from 5$ higher priced Gigs are also available and required if you want a specific service or work involved requires more time and energy than the 5$ gig. Sellers specify services through Gigs on their profile pages.
It is simple to signup and create gigs which outline the service being offered. You can also sell physical goods starting for 5$ and charge extra for shipping and handling. These are perhaps the easiest steps involved in dealing with Fiverr. After you have set up gigs you have to close a sale to get money in your account.
Profile page on Fiverr showing bio, gigs and levels.
Profile page on Fiverr showing bio, gigs and levels.
Source: Fiverr
There are numerous stories about people who have paid off their student loan or bought a house with Fiverr earnings. Those are a rare few. Most sellers wait for over two weeks to get their first order and then struggle to get to a level where Fiverr could support them full time.
Still It is a good way to start your freelancing efforts and create your client base. As you go higher up in the rankings you can sell for more and work towards a considerable income. Money earned can be substantial for you if dollar exchange rate to your currency is high as in my case.

My first go at Fiverr and What went Wrong

I joined Fiverr in September 2013 and saw my first sale in November end. There are many reasons for that.
1. Irrelevant gigs in crowded niche.
I created gigs which did not showcase my expertise. Skeptical about Fiverr's capability to actually generate jobs related to a professional field I stuck to gigs like reviews travel planning etc. these niches I put my gigs in were crowded which meant my gig s would get less visibility and hence less chances of securing a sale.
2. Random Photographs
It is a known fact that beautiful high quality photographs attract a buyer and help you get the first click. As I had configured my account and set up 5 gigs within an hour there was definitely no real work which went into it. Gigs were poorly worded and photographs were not attractive and relevant enough to get me some clicks.
3. Lack of promotion
As all the gigs I had put up were not related to my professional field I did not feel like promoting them on any of my social media accounts. Self promotion is one of the best ways for you to get the work out about your skills and availability. My review gigs were of no use to the architecture community i am part of.
You would notice that though all these points are valid on their own they do have an undercurrent.
Lack of research and poorly planned Gigs will not get you any sales.

What Changed?

In mid November 2013 after a mail from Fiverr about my inactivity I went back to take a stock of things. As I went through my gigs I could see why I did not get any sale. I would not hire myself. My next stop was the user forum and finally i deleted all my gigs.
After the changes it took me 5 days to get my first query and a week to get my first order. By the end of December I had already earned 116$. This was when I did not work for over 10 days travelling through North East India.
My earnings have risen steadily since then and so have the base price of orders.
Gig Page
Gig Page
Source: Fiverr

What to change?

The Setup
1. Create well researched Gigs which highlight your skills.
If you are a singer and you have put up a copy writing gig it is not going to help anyone. there are people who do provide multiple services (I do myself) but it is always better to stick to a niche and then develop your client base.
2. Put high quality relevant photographs
Optimum size for a Fiverr feature image is 682X459. Create images which reflect your gig and are high quality.
3. Put up a video
I still do not have a video for any of my gigs but it is one of the best ways to showcase your talent especially if you work in media related services. fiverr says that gigs with videos have % more sales.
4. Promote your gigs
Be proud of your services and promote them through various social media outlets you have. Linking to your gigs in your posts (like here) will drive traffic to your gigs and profile. Fiverr enables you to connect your Facebook and Google + profile with Fiverr account.

Source: Fiverr
The Operations
1. Be Clear and precise
Poorly worded and vague descriptions will end up in a lot of cancellations. Be clear about what you offer for 5$. Ask people to message you before they buy so that you know that they are not misreading the description. It is always good to include revision policy and what you do not do in gig description.
2. Answer queries and be polite
Quick response to queries can get you more clients. Usually a buyer would contact multiple sellers simultaneously. Quick reply can help you close the deal before any other buyer. Polite and professional replies will get you a long way while negotiating the gig price.
3. Deliver on time and as per description.
There is no need for you to put up a gig with two days duration. It might get you more clients (all my gigs have a lead time of 20 days) but will you be able to deliver it on time? Hard work and commitment is definitely going to payoff but unnecessarily pushing yourself to deliver will lead to burnout or late deliveries.
4. Be clear about terms of Service
Fiver places quite a few restriction on the type of work and activities buyers and sellers are allowed to engage in. For example all communications are to be srtictly on Fiverr. Sharing contact information is not allowed. Similarly spamming, Working on adult/pornographic content is not allowed. Flouting any of these can result in your account being deleted and fund being withheld for some time.

What Do You Say?

Have you worked on Fiverr or are planning to work on Fiverr. Please leave comments about your experiences and suggestions.

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Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)

To start this tutorial, you need two images. One of a pumpkin, and one of a human. Of course, you can use any fruit/vegetable that you desire. Both images that I’m using were found at
PumpkinStart Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
StartingHumna Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)

The Mouth

Once you have your two images, it’s time to begin! Place the image that contains the face, overtop of the image of the pumpkin. Once both images on in the same document, decrease the Opacity of the face’s image to help you better line it up. You can quickly decrease the Opacity to 60% by pressing the number 6 on your keyboard.
DecreasedOpacity Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
Once it’s in place, increase the Opacity back to 100%. Now we need to isolate the mouth from everything else that came with the image. With any of the many selection methods that are available to you, create a selection around the mouth. It can be basic, or super specific. I chose to use a simple Marquee selection.
MouthMarquee Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
When the selection has been created, it’s time to hide everything other than the mouth. This can easily be done with a Layer Mask. At the bottom of your Layers Panel, press the Add Layer Mask button.
LayerMask Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
Now that a Layer Mask has been added, using a black brush will allow you to hide additional parts of your layer, while a white brush will allow you to bring those hidden parts back. So with a black brush, brush around the outside of the mouth, to hide the leftover skin.
LayerMaskMouth Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
At this point, the lips clearly don’t match with the orange pumpkin. There are many ways you can get around this, including the use of Adjustment Layers. Let’s start by adding a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer.
HueProperties Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
You may notice, once you add and adjust the Hue/Saturation, that your whole image is being change. This is because you need to clip the Adjustment Layer with the previous layer. This can be done with the ‘clip’ button, which you can see circled above. Once it’s clipped, you should start to see a more natural result.
MouthClipped Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
Of course, you can continue to add Adjustment Layers as needed. I chose to add a Levels Adjustment Layer, as well.
Levels Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
Remember: All Adjustment Layers come with a Layer Mask, so at anytime you want to hide/show portions of that Adjustment Layer, you can easily use your black/white brushes to do so.

The Eyes

For the eyes, you can use the exact same method that you used for the mouth, which will give you a decent result, but you may still be left with some visible skin.
Eyes Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
In that case, you may want to add a Bevel and Emboss Layer Style, to give the impression of depth. Here are the settings that I used for the eyes.
EyesBevel Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
Remember: Depending on the size of your document, you may need to tweak the settings to get the result that you’re after. Here is what it looks like after the Bevel has been applied.
EyesFinal Pumpkin Face in Photoshop (Annoying Orange)
And that should do it! Your own human pumpkin, made in Photoshop! Try it out yourself, and share it with the world!

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